> Calculators

Let users calculate their options and create a great experience.

Calculators are a great way to engage the user with detailed content and compute results in real time. They can be configured in all shapes and sizes with multiple options for input and output.

Responsive calculators for Castrol USA

Castrol USA has an extensive portfolio of products, services and programs to support their commercial customers in a variety of vertical markets. We’ve helped Castrol USA develop rich interactive sales tools to support all of their sales channels and a mobile selling tool to put all of this at the fingertips of the sales team and distribution partners, regardless of where they are or what device they are using. This integrates the power of rich content, the engaging power of video, ROI calculators, proposal generators, all in a single interactive tool.

Interactive User Experience

Data input sliders expedite numerical entries that engage the user with an interactive experience. Charts and graphs are built in real time to see the data as it grows or shrinks. All results can be viewed in seconds.

Output display

Once the calculations are complete, reports can be generated and exported as a personalized branded PDF or PPT in seconds to give the user a key take-away. Reports can be designed for a specific brand look, and output in multiple languages.