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Landing pages are the key to conversions.

Landing are effective in converting users to take a specific action. Simple and direct is the best way to describe successful landing pages, yet they require a detailed understanding of the target audience and very clear communication to make the conversion. A good landing page will direct a user to specific content, describe the next step in a process or give the user an opportunity to download something in exchange for filling out a form.

  1. One single idea = one action to be completed.
  2. Keep the copy direct and to the point. This page should not be a long scroll.
  3. Only one Call to Action. This page should not compete with multiple CTA.
  1. Define exactly what the user is supposed to do next.
  2. Be very clear what the user will receive if they fill out a form.
  1. Once a user has downloaded something, make sure the “thank-you” page describes another path for the user.
  2. Most importantly, the landing page should capture the users data and efficiently link that data to a CRM for future contact.