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On Page SEO for Organic Search

In determining the overall health of a website to we review content to ensure the SEO is aligned and working on every page. We assess the website from both a strategic and technical point of view, so every page becomes fully optimized for a specific reason. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are just two of the applications we use to help review website historical data and trends.


We set up and correctly configure the Robots.txt file and sitemap.xml files to allow search bots to crawl the site seamlessly. When search bots find content correctly placed in hierarchy, it has a positive effect on overall rankings. A more technically sound website is given higher priority in rankings over less well structured websites. Having a clear and effective strategy is critical and central to good SEO.

On page SEO includes both technical and strategic work

Strategic on page SEO

Competitive Research

Analyze competitors’ websites for keywords, metas, and technical issues then review and report on content gaps between competitors. Review ways to fill the gaps and elevate above the competition with appropriate SEO alignment.

Keyword Research

We find new and relevant keywords that elevate thought leadership and drive new customers and traffic. Then keep up with search trends to help align with future SEO decisions and stay on brand.

Review Meta Tags

Analyze h1s, titles and meta descriptions and optimize them for relevant keywords

Condense older pages

Condense low content, less relevant, or redundant pages to reduce keyword cannibalization

New page development

Create new pages that apply to relevant keywords and blog posts

Technical on page SEO

Find and fix 404s

Redirect existing 404s to relevant pages to help UX and overall site SEO value

Speed optimization

Compress images, reduce redirects, and minify files to reduce load times

Orphan page linking/redirecting

Link or redirect pages not being linked to – to boost their traffic

Redirect http to https

Make sure every page is loading using an SSL to create a secure website