> Maintenance

Keep your website healthy

Launching a new or revised website is a great first step in keeping customers in touch with your brand. Once the site is launched, it will need to be maintained, because digital properties don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re connected to other properties and they all need to stay up-to-date in order to remain compatible with the larger networked world.

Typical website maintenance will include:

  • Security updates
  • Plugin updates
  • New Plugin deployment (as needed)
  • Mobile/Tablet adjustments and maintenance
  • Form edits and changes
  • Changes in page design or layout adjustments
  • Content updates
  • New page development
  • Adjustments to current pages and content
  • Updates to content
  • Single copy edits and complete new pages
  • Changes in page design or layout adjustments
  • Troubleshooting

The first step in a website review is to complete a comprehensive audit. The audit will give a baseline for the overall health of the site and the areas that need to be worked on expeditiously.

Maintenance areas that are most important and always needed

Plugin updates

Outdated plugins can cause security issues and hinder website performance. Plugins need to be reviewed, and updated carefully so they don’t cause incompatibility issues.

New page development

Websites continue to develop with new page layouts that can fit into the existing theme. Don’t let the current theme hold back ideas that can be resolved with a new page type.

Form edits and changes

Forms are always under review and updated based on the user journey. They also need to stay compatible with any CRM system that may be receiving the form data.

General Troubleshooting

Many issues can cause a website to become “buggy.” Isolating pages, browsers, plugins and functions are all parts of working through the troubleshooting process.