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Rebranding your organization: love your brand again.

We have helped over 70 organizations reimagine, reinvigorate or completely rebuild their brand. Our process integrates research, strategy, storytelling, brand design, web designing, and implementation.


Most clients rebrand to position their organization for growth. We have helped several of clients to rebrand and refocus their growth to increase valuation and position them more favorably for acquisition. We also work with companies that have come together through mergers, and need to go to market as a new, more powerful brand.

Most companies undergo a rebrand as a step towards accelerated growth. Here are common reasons companies rebrand:

  • Current brand no longer reflects who they are
  • Need a unified brand after merger or acquisition
  • Have outgrown the brand and value proposition
  • Need a dynamic brand to attract and retain better talent
  • Not articulating a meaningful brand story
  • Dated visual identity does not represent who they are today
  • They’ve experienced a crisis and need a fresh brand
  • The name no longer works due to legal, cultural or other shifts
  • Ultimately most organizations rebrand to increase the value of the company.

An example of a rebrand we completed

Oakland Packaging and Supply had been solving the custom packaging and facility supply needs of companies in Northern California and the Bay Area for over 30 years. They needed to tell their full story and expand perception beyond Oakland with a new brand and website. We redefined and relaunched the brand as Cogent Solutions & Supplies.

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  • Is a new name required?
  • Some rebrand initiatives will require name change, but not all of them.
  • What is your current brand equity and will it require preservation?
  • Are you embarking on a brand evolution or revolutionary change?
  • Do you have the resources and budget to fully implement your brand?
  • Will you gain stakeholder and employee buy in?
  • What are the legal implications to your operations and customer/ supplier relationships?
  • What is your timeline?
  • Explore our process. (link to branding page)