Headless CMS and APIs

> Headless CMS and APIs

Use WordPress as a headless CMS with a custom API

WordPress has a lot to offer as a Content Management System. It’s well-known, easy to use, and very customizable. One feature that really extends compatibility with other platforms is WordPress comes with an API which means it can also be used as a headless CMS among other things.


A headless CMS separates the database from the content management layer and uses APIs to deploy the content in many different configurations including websites, web apps and web portals.


The basic WordPress API is a good starting point and can be customized on a project by project basis to control what content is served, add authentication so the data is not public, enable sorting and translating content, and more.

Interacting with Client APIs

CRM Integration

Send user-generated content (form entries) to an outside CRM. This streamlined process sends the user data directly from a website to a CRM where the data can automatically create a new customer account record.

Front-end Builds

Have a completely custom web experience by building a separate website or web application where content, images, taxonomies, and e-commerce content and/or user data comes entirely from your API.