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Off Page SEO & SEO Audit

Off-page SEO is just as essential as on-page and it’s a major part of the optimization process that tends to get overlooked. The strength of your website relies on many components working together – and one of the most important is backlinks. What websites are linking to your website? Good, strong websites that link to your site will increase the overall rating of your website.


We crawl backlinks and determine the strongest backlinks and how we can optimize them with keyword rich anchor text/image alt text. This way, the backlink is aligned with your keyword strategy and helps add to the strength of your website when users click on those backlinks. We also cross reference backlinks with competitors and identify new backlink opportunities by looking for others in your industry that should be linking to your website.

Off Page Optimization

Audit top backlinks

Analyze and crawl backlinks to identify optimization points

Identify additional backlink opportunities

Find “broken” backlinks which can be repaired and optimized to link to your website. Look for websites that talk about you or your products and reach out to obtain an optimized backlink

Optimize anchor text

Request to optimize backlinks for relevant keyword rich text that passes along increased SEO juice to the linked page

Remove redirects from backlinks and fix broken links

Reduce the amount of times a link has to redirect to decrease load times and increase the link juice passed on to your site. We’ll make sure all links are properly optimized and hit their intended page to avoid broken links.