Web Analytics and Web Tracking

> Web Analytics and Web Tracking

Web analytics and tracking are indispensable tools for understanding users interactions.

Web analytics are important to evaluate and measure the overall performance of your website. Websites continually change, and analytics play a large role in evaluating a user’s experience. Properly placed analytics will offer a variety of different measures including; how customers move from page to page, page popularity, form submission statistics, and overall website health. Detailed information helps inform future SEO and other content decisions.

A complete SEO analysis review

Start with an audit review to learn the following:

  • Keywords the website currently ranks for
  • Keywords that competitors and others in the industry rank for
  • Compare/contrast subject website and competitors, including keywords, ranking, and average position
  • Technical SEO website review
  • Overall website health
  • Website structure including URL structure, page titles, and headings

Web analytics and SEO are closely tied together. We use many different tracking and analytics tools to aid in both web maintenance and overall SEO decisions. Google Analytics Goals, Google Tag Manager, Hubspot Analytics, and Pardot are some of the analytics tools we use. Accurate web analytics allows for a better overview of SEO and with measurable results we can edit, adjust and target quickly and effectively.