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Sales enablement tool for distributors and channel partners

The Castrol Sales Resource Center is a single place that any U.S. Castrol team member, distributor or channel partner can find and share product content, program information, and so much more. Many organizations made the transition from printed marketing support materials to digital materials without issue. However, the challenge became where to house and update the content on a regular basis. Email was not a viable option to share content with distributors and channel partners on a regular basis. 

Castrol decided it was time to build a site dedicated to product content and house all brand assets related to those products in one location. This single destination organizes and links every sell sheet, product data sheet, video, presentation and digital tool by topic, your fingertips to simplify the complexity of business to business selling.

This tool includes intelligent search that nests related content and displays by content type. Let’s say you search “Edge engine oil” you will quickly see all of the Edge content pieces organized by content type (sell sheet, product data sheet, video and more). If you are looking for a product data sheet to show a customer, it’s easy to jump right to that file, saving time and giving you confidence you always have the material you need when you are in the field.

We made it easy for an administrator to take down or upload assets. The website includes sales enablement tools that support partners in multiple ways. Every user has their own login, and can use all sales tools and create sales proposals in a very short time. The proposal builder consists of programs with content set to drop into place for quick use. Users can save out the proposal as a pdf or send directly to a customer email. 

Calculators are another big part of the solution in the sales resource center. Users can adjust sliders to create different equations that show profit based on different configurations. The calculators feature graphic charts that build dynamically and change immediately as the user inputs numbers. These charts are also saved and accessed as part of a proposal. So once a user has completed a calculation for a customer, the chart/results are dropped right into the final proposal. 

This resource center is a very important part of the communication to the b2b business channel and has grown over the years as different teams rely on it for up-to-date information about products and programs.

Responsive calculators for distributors and channel partners

Castrol USA has an extensive portfolio of products, services and programs to support their commercial customers in a variety of vertical markets. We’ve helped Castrol USA develop rich interactive sales tools to support all of their sales channels and a mobile selling tool to put all of this at the fingertips of the sales team and distribution partners, regardless of where they are or what device they are using.

This integrates the power of rich content, the engaging power of video, ROI calculators, proposal generators, all in a single interactive tool. Calculators are powerful and popular tools that give the user mobile flexibility to look at solutions and ROI in real time. Input fields are simple to understand and populate. Charts are updated as the data changes, and this gives the user the ability to compare, save and share results in seconds.

Work Completed

  • Digital sales resource center
  • UI and UX design
  • Profit calculators
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Customized Proposal builder