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Design and development of educational materials for a medical marajuana company

Verilife promotes the safe, informed use of marajuana for those who want an alternative medical treatment or just recreational use for relaxation. Verilife was one of the first marijuana dispensaries in Illinois and other states to be granted permits based on their rigorous attention to detail, transparent business practices and solid investment in  communities. Verilife takes education seriously because the cannabis plant has many positive benefits and is more complex than people understand. Educating the marketplace is a big part of how Verilife interacts with customers.

We started work on educational materials by creating a set of patient guides that gave patients insightful details about the use of marajuana. Each state where Verilife owned a dispensary had their own color coded book written with specific state regulations. Each book covered facts about the cannabis flower, administration methods, dosing guidelines, risks and precautions and much more. All books make for a recognizable array of valuable information. 

Other materials included flat screen graphics with information about cannabis, rules and regulations. We also created a series of color coded email templates that allowed customers to sign up, get coupons and see weekly specials and deals. 

Work Completed

  • Content Development
  • Graphic design and production
  • Flat-screen graphics
  • HTML email templates