Brand Development

We help brands look at who they are and become who they want to be.

Branding Matters More Than Ever

Research from Sirius Decisions shows that 67% of the buyer’s journey is now completed digitally. That means your brand has a lot of work to do in the early stage of your customer relationship. Your brand is experienced first in the digital world and it matters more than ever. Great digital experiences are grounded with a strong brand.

Demonstrated Brand Development Process

Discover. Design. Develop. We reinvent brands and build new ones from the ground up. We’ve honed a process that combines research, strategy and creative development in three stages: discovery, design, and development.

We start our discovery from the inside with stakeholder workshops and customer research to uncover and define your essential and unique value. From there we define and design the brand DNA and value proposition for your foundational brand structure. Finally, and this is the fun part, your brand comes to life as we develop a visual identity and a compelling story.

Brand Services

  • Positioning and value proposition development
  • Messaging
  • Visual identity
  • Logo design
  • Naming
  • Brand standards
  • Brand launch plan
  • Brand asset development

Value Proposition Development

Your value proposition underlies your brand. What real value do you provide? For whom? How do you do it uniquely well? Is it meaningful to your customers? We help you answer these defining questions in a way that solidifies your place in the market. We work with you to uncover and define the essence of your brand and it all starts with your value proposition. This helps everyone at every level of your team understand the value you offer to the market and sets the direction of your brand’s strategies and aspirations.


Your brand is communicated through your story. Are you telling everyone the same story, or do you have different messages for different audiences? Does everyone in your organization understand the story? Does your brand live up to its tagline­–or even have a tagline? We build messaging platforms that connect with people and help you define your story for your team and your audience.

Visual Identity

A strong visual representation of your brand is essential in today’s visual world. Typography, shape, scale, proportions, imagery and color are all key elements needed to create a lasting impact that truly defines your brand and aligns with your value proposition. Today, a good logo must be able to render on all types of digital devices at multiple sizes as well as clearly communicate in social media, signage and premium items.

Brand Launch

A strong brand builds business value, strengthens customer relationships, provides clarity and focus for employees, and establishes a foundation to market more effectively.

Once we have created a new brand path, we help you implement it across the organization and communicate it forward to your internal team. We create a launch plan and work with you to coordinate the implementation and roll out. Ready to reinvent your brand? We can help.