Tuesday sucks. Emojis don’t. And other things I learned at INBOUND.

Tuesday sucks. Emojis don’t. And other things I learned at INBOUND.

Want to know which day went from best to worst? Tuesday.

Tuesday is now the worst day for email opens. It used to be the best. Then everybody sent all their emails on Tuesday. Now nobody opens emails on Tuesday. Voila. Tuesday jumped from first to worst and we are all to blame. This just one of thirteen golden nuggets Tom Monaghan, Director of Email Engineering at HubSpot, shared in his fantastic presentation at INBOUND last week.

So what works now? If you want your to be email opened, send it on Monday or Friday afternoon. If you’re really ambitious send on Saturday or Sunday. Turns out people spend more time reading email on the weekends. That is until we all send our email on the weekends and then they won’t read it anymore.

You know what else drives opens? Emojis.

Yep. Emojis in the subject line. 🙁

Don’t worry since everyone at INBOUND heard it, it should be over by next week. But seriously, the INBOUND conference was filled with great insights about digital marketing including:

  • What is Graymail anyway?
  • Engagement might soon displace SEO for page rank— so build content that engages
  • Sales enablement tools —they are not what they used to be
  • Rise of the ChatBots and messaging apps
  • Voice search and structured search results

Stay tuned. I will have more posts from my INBOUND insights soon.

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