Brand strategy, value proposition, messaging platform, tagline, logo, brand identity and guidelines

AIA supported their dealers with a marketing strategy that let each dealer brand themselves individually with their own messaging and tone of voice. We created and implemented new brands for 25+ dealers. Interviews with business owners and key employees helped define company details so we could construct a brand strategy aligned with a brand identity and launch a new website. 

Each brand strategy for most dealers consisted of a value proposition, messaging platform, tagline, logo, brand identity and guidelines that set the tone for future marketing initiatives. 

Brand guidelines included messaging, the value proposition and brand personality details. Also included was information about brand elements such as tagline, specifications on the logo build, and correct and incorrect use of the logo. Color palette, font use and examples of how the logo could be used with promotions were also in the guidelines. Each dealer received many versions of their logo in different formats and colors including PMS, CMYK and RGB. 

AIA needed a website platform for all franchisees that was standardized to deliver fast scalable execution but could be modified for different owners and brands. We developed a set of wireframes that were flexible and uniform in their presentation and hierarchy of content. The websites showcased each individual dealer brand message, tone of voice, logo look and feel that promoted them accordingly. Each dealer had specific web pages devoted to their story to focus on their brand while other pages brought in variable content from a variety of suppliers. Overall this program gave the dealers the platform to set themselves apart from the competition and grow their customer base.

Work Completed

  • Brand strategy
  • Value propositions, voice and tone
  • Visual identities
  • Website design
  • Sales enablement tools